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Westin Maui

The 2015 Winter q-bio Conference will be held at the Westin Maui.

Technology is driving revolutionary changes in biology. Over the past decade, scientists and engineers have begun to define the path forward in the genomic era. Systems Biology has arisen as the deduction of interaction networks from -omics data generated in the wake of remarkable technological achievements. Likewise, DNA synthesis technologies are driving the development of Synthetic Biology, whereby engineered circuitry and even entire genomes can be reconstituted from chemical building blocks. These two emerging areas have catalyzed the growth of Quantitative Biology, whereby the central goal is the deduction of quantitative principles that can be used to construct predictive models for biological phenomena.

The Winter q-bio meeting welcomes scientists and engineers who are interested in all areas of q-bio.  For 2015, the meeting will be hosted on the island of Maui, at the Westin Resort and Spa Ka’anapali. Registration and accommodation information can be found via the links at the top of the page.

Organizing Committee

William Ditto, University of Hawaii
Hana El-Samad, University of California, San Francisco
Jeff Hasty, University of California, San Diego
Galit Lahav, Harvard University
Eva-Maria Schoetz-Collins, University of California, San Diego
Lev Tsimring, University of California, San Diego


For questions, please email coordinator@nullw-qbio.org

Pictures from Past Meetings


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